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Five-star city guide Remco Dörr

"I know places that even genuine city locals don’t know about. That’s what makes my work so much fun. If, during a city tour, I manage to really ‘grab’ the group, I’m completely in my element."

“The Hague is my home. Although I travel a lot with my partner, I find that no other city offers what The Hague can. The locals are extraordinary people: they are either posh or working-class, nothing in between, which makes the city very special. From a professional point of view, I’m most taken with the city centre, but the outskirts, such as Statenkwartier and the Archipel neighbourhood, are also outstanding due to their distinct architectural styles. For me, the most beautiful square in The Hague is Plein 1813, with the national monument in the middle and the white villas surrounding it.”

Remco Dörr is an art historian and inspired narrator. In his role as city guide, he will treat you to a delicious account of The Hague’s many secrets.

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